Made from the ground up!
The App has a lot of functionality


The app offers easy and FREE acess to Renweb from anywhere! You can easly check your grades without having to download another app

Moodle Support

Acces your moodle account from the Marquette app! Without having to access another websit. Gives you the ability to see your grade on Moodle and take test and quizes with in the Marquette App!

School ID in Apple Wallet (Comming Soon)

You soon will be able to add your Marquette ID to Apple Wallet and pay with it at checkout at lunch without having to search your bag or purse

  • Best photos in the world
  • Ueses iCloud to sync
  • Always update weekly
  • Complex Coding
  • Works on all devices sapien

Marquette's app!

Test Marquett's app for Free! Easly to download too.